Apps to Make Your Life Easier (August 2012)

There are lots of apps that can be distracting and wasteful, but there are also many that can help improve time management, organization, and even health. Our current list of app essentials includes a variety of tools to make your life a little easier.

  • Read It Later allows you to save any page on the web to be read at a future time. This function is great for helping you to maintain focus at work, while still indulging your online interests. Best of all, the saved articles are typically advertising free and able to be read offline.
  • Cozi is a family organizer that allows multiple family members to share a calendar, to-do list, shopping list and journal. For families on-the-go, this app is a simple way for everyone to remain on the same page.
  • ZocDoc enables users to search for doctors and other medical professionals in their area and make appointments based on soonest availability and insurance acceptance. Medical appointments can be hard to come by, but with this app you can find someone that fits your schedule, not the other way around.
  • MyMedical safely stores medical records, emergency contacts, insurance info, and lab work, etc. for a whole family. No longer is it necessary to store hard copies of such documents. Simply keep the information in this app and sharing to necessary people and groups is a cinch.
  • OfferUp is perfect for those looking to cull items from their homes. Simply snap a photo of said items, easily post them for sale in the online marketplace, and await a purchase. The posts can also be listed on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to increase your sales odds.
  • MyFitnessPal takes the complications out of dieting and fitness. The app efficiently tracks food intake, calories, and nutrients with its massive database of stored edibles. It will also allow you to document exercise, connect with friends for moral support, and track goals with reports.

Good Luck!

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