Guest Post: From Dorm to Apartment: 5 Tips to Organize Your New Place

Springtime graduation is quickly approaching, and for graduates moving from dorm life to apartment living, the transition can be a bit daunting. It’s likely you’re moving into a different-sized living space than you’re used to. Or perhaps you lived in a dorm room with no kitchen and have no idea how to set up a functional kitchen space. Don’t worry – organizing your new apartment is simple with these five tips.

  1. Don’t keep everything. As you pack, consider what you really need and have use for. This includes your clothing, office supplies, and any other belongings you don’t wear or use regularly. Moving is the perfect time to sort through what you own and donate, sell, or throw out what you no longer need.

  1. Boxes, tubs, and baskets are your friend. A large part of staying organized is about grouping together similar items and storing them in a way that produces a neat and tidy result. Use tubs in your Marble Topped Double Basin Vanities to organize your makeup, toiletries, and blow dryer – remember to toss old cosmetics and consolidate any partially used containers of shampoo or body wash to save on space. Place small baskets in the pantry to group together items that make sense, such as cereals, flours and sugars, spices, and more. You can also use boxes or tubs for under-bed and closet items.

  1. Save kitchen counter space for daily use items, such as a coffeemaker, toaster, and microwave, you can use a marble table for this. Store other appliances or items you don’t need every day, including grills, blenders, and more. This helps your kitchen maintain an uncluttered yet functional feel.

  1. Start fresh in your office. Now that you’re finished with school, you do not need to keep all of your college notes and texts. Sell or donate old textbooks, unless you absolutely need to keep one for future reference. If you do have such a text, place it on a bookcase. Toss any notebooks filled with copious notes taken in class or store them in a box and tuck it away in your closet – but only do the latter if necessary. The goal is to clean out your desk for a fresh start to your non-student, working professional life.

  1. Use all available space. Even if you have a tiny closet or bathroom, there is still space to be had for storage if you look hard enough. For example, use every inch of closet space from floor to ceiling, incorporating shoe racks and screwing tiny hooks in the wall to hang your necklaces. In your bathroom, purchase an over-the-toilet storage cabinet for extra space. Create storage space elsewhere with ease by hanging shelves where you need them.

Moving from dorm life to an apartment can definitely be an adjustment. However, by thinking ahead and having a willingness to say “out with the old, in with the new,” you’ll discover simple ways to get organized and enjoy your new lifestyle.


This post was generously written by David Shapiro. David works with moving companies and small businesses as a relocation specialist in marketing. He lives in Arizona and enjoys hiking, golfing and biking.

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