Claire Kurtz Organizes Her Closet: A Follow-up Post

As a follow-up to last week’s post, I’d like to share my own seasonal closet changeover experience. After all, I wouldn’t be the Well-Organized Woman if I didn’t follow my own advice! It’s really taken an unexpected turn towards arctic temps this week here in Georgia, so I knew it was time to dig in – out with the old and in with the warm and cozy, I say! And yes, ‘arctic temps’ is a slight exaggeration.

Sandals to Keep

I started the closet rotation by gathering my summer clothes and shoes and sorting into my store, donate and trash piles. Decisions for what to keep are usually pretty easy for me, so I was able to quickly gather and bag these items for storage. These silver sandals were my only question mark for the keeps.  I like them but I’ve owned them for two summers and have worn them once. I’ll give them one more summer, and if I don’t wear them again, they’re out!

I like to cycle things in and out of my wardrobe, so donate and trash piles are not too much of a struggle for me, either. However, I still like to give them a little thought. I picked out a summer dress, a black lace cami and a pair of shoes to donate. The dress is a color I like but it requires a cami under it and a shrug over it, and I’ve never felt great in it. It’s still in good condition so off to Goodwill it goes! I purchased these shoes on sale while shopping for boots. I’ve worn them once, they hurt my heels and aren’t even my style so….Goodwill for these, as well. And finally, this black lace cami is still in good condition, but I no longer like it so that was a fast drop into the donate pile.

Cami to Donate

Shoes to Donate

Dress to Donate

Yesterday I grabbed my trash items quickly. A few undergarments went right in the trash, of course, and then I said goodbye to this comfortable but shapeless sleep shirt and this well-worn work shirt.

Shirts for the Trash

I have to place an online order for basic camis and tank tops first, and then all of the old versions are into the trash, as well. (I’m very hard on my clothes!!)

Our Home Storage Unit

At home, my husband and I use this 9-cube organizer in our closet to store all sorts of clothing: in winter – sweaters and work-out clothes and in summer – shorts, work-out clothes and tanks. Clients may recognize this organizer as the one I recommend for virtually any room! From playrooms and craft rooms to closets and kitchens, it’s a great multipurpose storage item.  It is now empty and ready for our trip to storage this evening to retrieve our sweaters and winter work-out clothes.

Ready for a trip to storage!

We love living in Midtown Atlanta, but the trade-off for city living in a condo is, of course, space!  Our solution is a storage unit nearby that holds our off-season clothing, large luggage and various holiday decorations.

Every seasonal closet rotation or decorating spree requires a quick trip to the storage space where we pull out the new season’s needs and pack in last month’s goods until next year.

And with that, I’ll wish you a happy weekend!

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  1. Claire – I wish you lived at my house, but with this wonderful web site, you sort of do. :)

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